Rock Bottom

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Strength is defined in weakness.

Don’t believe me?

I wonder how many of us have ever fought the most fiercest fight when circumstances were easy.

The craziest thing about the human experience is that we often don’t realize how much power we actually possess until that power is taken away. Compromised. Put on hold.

Often times, we end up in a place called, “Rock Bottom.” Unless, we’re eating guac and drinkin’ beer, this place is not actually a physical place. “Rock Bottom” is spiritual. It’s a space in our mind that seeks to invade and conquer our heart. It’s the same place for everyone, except the events that caused us to land in this environment are often different.

Some of us, by no fault of our own, end up in “Rock Bottom,” because maybe there was a death in the family. And some of us are far too familiar with ending up in “Rock Bottom,” just because life is so HARD, every. single. day.

“Rock Bottom” is no respecter of persons. None of us are exempt.

Good circumstances don’t cause us to fall here.

Happiness is not the anchor that jerks us into this abyss.

Easy, go-with-the-flow, LIFE doesn’t lead to “Rock Bottom.”

“Rock Bottom” represents defeat.

“Rock Bottom” represents giving up.

“Rock Bottom” represents, “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Rock Bottom” represents accusations, manipulations, lies, “I told you so,” and, “Here again?”

“Rock Bottom,” represents weakness.


Are we ready for this?

Cuz what I’m about to say, this world doesn’t want us to hear.

What I’m about to say, Satan will pursue to hush.

What I’m about to say is a profound paradox that I pray penetrates our minds and pierces our heart with POWER.


Strength is defined in weakness.



By defined, I mean, shaped. Molded. Etched. Sketched. Formed.

By defined, I mean, realized for the first time.

By defined, I mean, separated. Sectioned off.


Strength is defined in weakness because we recognize “Rock Bottom” for what it is and what it’s trying to accomplish.

Strength is anticipating an attack, expecting an invasion, and barricading our heart.

Strength is refusing to run away and boldly go running toward.

Strength is reconciling wounds when someone so vile has wronged us.

Strength is anger while singing, “His praise will ever be on my lips…”

Strength is tears.

Strength is counseling.

Strength is asking for help.

Strength is admitting guilt.

Strength is aligning our heart with God’s, even when it hurts.

Strength is broken nails and gritty fingers.

Strength is war.

Strength is choosing truth over lies.

Strength is replying to, “Here again?” with, “I am conquering again.”

Strength is speaking.


Strength is keeping her grip.

Strength is raising empty hands.

Strength is falling to our knees.

Soldier, strength is getting up.

For it is TRUE: STRENGTH is found in the solid Rock on which we stand.

And it is HIS strength that allows our greatest weakness to bring forth BEAUTY from the bottom of any rock.

When we are WEAK. He is STRONG.

So, lift your eyes.

It’s time we climb.







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